Avoid $1000+ Fines – Get State Mandated Training Now

If you or your employees are providing private security, such as at nightclubs, bars, hotels, sporting events, concerts or homeowner communities, you could face CA state fines up to $1,000+ per person who doesn’t have the required state training. The state periodically does sting operations around the state to catch private security officers who have not taken the state required training. Easily and inexpensively get private security officer courses online now before you get slapped with expensive fines.

CA PSO Registration & Training Costs

Below is a summary of the fees involved in becoming a PSO and the training courses you must take to get a PSO Card. In order to work as a private security officer (PSO), California requires you to register with the BSIS, take security classes and go through a background check.

Cost Hours Additional Info
Initial PSO training $129 and up 16 Online training usually less expensive then in classroom training. PSO course cost set by training provider, not BSIS.
Annual PSO continuing education $20 and up 2 Lower PSO class prices can be found online or your employer may offer in-house training.
PSO fingerprinting and background check $51 + Live Scan fee N/A Each Live Scan location sets its own fee, which isn’t regulated by the BSIS. The $51 is the set cost the Department of Justice charges to do your background check.
PSO application $50 N/A Application processed in 2 to 6 weeks depending on number of applications BSIS receives and how long your background check takes.
PSO renewal $35 N/A You must renew your proprietary private security officer registration every 2 years.

If you perform a security function at work, such as a bouncer at a bar, guard at a gated community checkpoint, parking lot surveillance at a medical care facility or group home, patrol a hotel, resort or other hospitality property or screen guests at a casino, you most likely will need to register as a PSO if you don’t already have a California Guard Card. Even if you’ve been working in this security job for a long time and haven’t had to be private security officer, you may need to do so now. This is because the California’s Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS) requires the PSO registration as of July 1, 2011.

PSO Info & Registration Process

PSO Training

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