Might the BSIS implement what a Northern Ontario police department did with their Bouncer Blitz to find security personnel violations at bars?  The cops managed to “raid” 7 bars in 3 nights.  They found the following violations:

  • 24 people working as an unlicensed security guard
  • 48 employers employing  an unlicensed security guard
  • 21 people for failing to wear a proper uniform
  • 12 employers for failing to properly register a business that employs in-house security

An officer said that most people know about the laws, but not many voluntary comply with the law. He said “If people take the training, it protects the public, but it also protects the security guards.” In California, not many people know about the proprietary private security officer (PSO) and private security employer (PSE) requirements because the law is new as of July 2011. However, as you can see, many of the violations found would also be violations of the BSIS PSO and PSE requirements.

The BSIS, not the police department, enforce these regulations in CA. But we could see the BSIS doing their own version of the Bouncer Blitz to monitor compliance. If you’ve heard of the BSIS spot checking security personnel for valid PSO licenses and uniforms at bars and nightclubs around the state let us know.

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