In December 2012, the BSIS Enforcement team took part in a multi-agency nightclub sweep in the LA area.  The results:

  • One security guard citation was issued by the LAPD for unlicensed security guard work
  • The BSIS educated 3 nightclubs on Proprietary Security Employers (PSE) regulations and the employment of security/PSO staff.
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5 Responses to BSIS PSO PSE Enforcement in LA

  1. Jaksin says:

    That’s the biggest bullshit I ever heard… Do you know who many bouncer in LA have no guard card or pso…

    • Manny says:

      I’m with you that is the biggest bullshit.

      • PSO says:

        Yes, it is true that many bouncers don’t have Guard Cards or PSO Cards in California. Part of the reason is that not many people know about the laws. The BSIS as well as Vice Squads are fining not only the employers of unlicensed bouncers, but also the bouncers. Some of these fines are hefty; up to $1500 per unlicensed bouncer. That’s a lot of money for a bouncer to pay in fines when they could spend a $120 and get the required training instead.

  2. Mr. Campos says:

    I work as a in-house hotel security officer in Hollywood, California. Do we the (hotel ) and (hotel security) have to be license as a Private Proprietary Office & Proprietary Employer?

    • Comment Moderator says:

      Yes. The hotel should hold a PSE license, which is easy to get from the BSIS online website, if the hotel is directly employing its own security guards. The security guards themselves can have either guard cards or PSO licenses. The guards can get their both Guard Card and PSO training online at at affordable rates. offers company discounts and free online tracking of training guards have taken. This is a great service as the hotel can be heavily fined for not having the training records for the guards on site. You can email them and ask about company discounts and training requirements.