As the city of San Francisco gets ready to celebrate the 49ers being in the Super Bowl this upcoming Sunday, private security officers (PSOs) and the police are taking steps to make sure that the revelry doesn’t get out of hand. Not only does this mean deploying more officers for crowd control on game day, but taking precautionary measures in the days leading up to the game.

For example, the SF police departments worked with the local garbage collection company to make sure that all trash dumpsters and garbage containers will be emptied beforehand.  In the past, crowds have used uncollected garbage to start bonfires. Obviously, people will continue to add trash to containers as the day progresses, but limiting the amount of garbage accessible will make less fire starting material available.

Another example, is that temporary no parking zones will be enacted on game day on major city streets, such as Mission. Cars are frequent targets for vandalism by out of control crowds. So, keep your car off the street in SF on Super Bowl Sunday. If you’ll be heading into the city to watch the game on TV, take public transportation.

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