How to Become a Registered Proprietary Private Security Officer (PSO)

Becoming a security officer in California requires the following general steps. The steps should be done it the order listed. More details about each step are found on other pages in this Website.

  1. Complete private security training required by BSIS.
  2. Fill out Live Scan form in triplicate and get fingerprinted at a Live Scan location.
  3. Fill out and send in the BSIS PSO registration form.
  4. Verify that your PSO registration has been approved.

PSO Registration FAQs

Q. How long after I send my PSO registration application to the BSIS will I get my PSO Card?
A. The BSIS is estimates about 30 days. Of course, the time depends on how long your criminal background check takes and how many applications the BSIS is processing. The BSIS handles a large number of PSO, security guard, PSE, PPO,  firearm, training provider, alarm installer, repossession agency, locksmith and private investigator license applications every year, so it takes time for your application to be approved. The DOJ is also processing fingerprints for many of these licenses as well as for police departments.

Q. How can I check the status of my PSO registration application?
A. Contact the BSIS at (800) 952-5210 or (916) 322-4000. Leave a message if no one answers the phone. Again, the BSIS handles a huge number of phone inquiries every day.

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