When can a PSE train PSOs?

As a PSE, you can get licensed to provide the initial 16-hour Proprietary Private Security Officer training and the 2-hour continuing education courses. However, just having the PSE registration doesn’t license you to provide training. To become a Licensed PSO Training Provider:

  1. Submit a letter and resume to the BSIS Bureau’s Chief/Deputy Chief for review.
  2. A BSIS representative conducts a phone interview to verify the validity of your request.
  3. You get an authorization letter and your license number mailed to you. This approval process can take up to 10 weeks depending on the volume of requests the BSIS is handling.

Once you get your  PSO Training Provider license, you must issue a certificate of completion of the training to each PSO.

PSO Training Requirements

A PSO needs an initial 16 hours of training to register as a PSO and then 2 hours of continuing education every year. A proprietary private security officer needs to complete the 16 hours of training within the first 6 months from either their date of employment with a PSE or date of issuance of their PSO registration.  See CA PSO Training Requirements for more information.

PSO Training Records

A PSE is must keep training records for any PSO they employ.  A PSE is responsible to make sure their PSOs have completed their required PSO training per California regulations, including yearly continuing education course completion records. It is not the responsibility of the PSO, and they cannot be fined for non-compliance. A PSE  can be fined or have their PSE license revoked by the BSIS if the PSE’s  PSOs have not completed the required training.

Record Retention

Further, you must keep the training PSO records for 2 years after the employee leaves your employment.

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