FAQs about Proprietary Private Security Officers (PSOs)

Here is some more information about being a PSO that isn’t elsewhere on the site. As we get questions from our readers, we’ll add these questions along with their answers.

Q. Can I work on a temporary registration?
A. No, you must have a valid PSO registration in your possession before going on duty.

Q. If I have a felony or other conviction, can I still apply for a PSO registration?
A. Yes, applicants with criminal histories are considered and registration decisions are rendered on a case-by-case basis. Your PSO application might be denied if you have been convicted of any crime or act substantially related to the qualifications, functions or duties of a PSO, except those crimes excluded by the provisions of Penal Code section 19.8. However, when appropriate, the BSIS considers all submitted evidence of rehabilitation. Further, you have to consider if a PSE would want to hire you with your background. For example, if your job would include driving a company vehicle on patrol, the employer may not want to hire you if you have a long history of minor traffic violations.

Q. Can a PSO carry a firearm, baton or other weapon?
A. No, under no circumstances can a PSO carry a deadly weapon. No knives, guns, bats, batons or  firearms.

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