BSIS (Bureau of Security and Investigative Services) PSO Continuing Education Requirements

Now that you’ve become a registered PSO, your security education has only just begun. The BSIS requires that you take a minimum of 2 hours of additional security training courses every year.  You can take more hours if you want in a year, but you can’t count the extra hours to meet the following year’s requirements.

  • You can repeat parts of the PSO initial training if you or your employer think you need to because you’re deficient in these skills or capabilities.
  • Your continuing education courses can be provided by your employer, if licensed as a Training Provider, or by an independent, licensed Training Provider. The BSIS licenses the training providers.
  • Annual training can be any security related course.
  • You need to get a course completion certificate from the Training Provider as provided by Title 16, California Code of Regulations, Section 645(b).

CA State Law Requiring PSO Continuing Education

The California Business and Professions Code Sections 7574.5 and  7574.7 mandate the additional 2 hours of continuing education classes each year to maintain your PSO Registration. This code also mandates who can provide the PSO continuing education courses.

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